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  • "Should natural disaster or other circumstances have an impact on the Icelandic electricity system and inhibit electricity distribution, regular FM-radio transitions will be severely limited. RUV‘s distribution network is powered by electricity. Only a portion has backup generators. Hence, the primary distribution on radio will be on long wave (LW). Many modern radios do not receive long wave but car radios often do. It is also advisable to have a small, battery-powered LW-radio at hand in case of emergency as RUV radio is the primary method of conveying information from Civil Protection Authorities."
  • Phenomenal phenomenon: nornahár / witch’s hair / Pele’s hair. No, that’s not tumbleweed; nor is it weather-matted sheep wool. This rare volcanic glass thread has been emitted from the current Holuhraun eruption in Iceland. Watch the video to see this stone tumble across the black-sand desert.

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  • Gas exposure safety guidelines

  • Almannavarnir (Civil Protection and Emergency Management) has a new website with frequent updates on earthquake and eruption news. Especially helpful for travel safety.

  • Flyover of eruption. Remarkable video.

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